Requirements for the website to start accepting payments online

Step 1 : General site requirements

  • The website is working and all pages are displayed correctly
  • All the products and services on the website have detailed descriptions and specifications
  • The products and services that you sell matches those you listed on our merchant application
  • If you have certificates and licenses, publish them on the site

Step 2 : Policies

The following polices must be clearly displayed to the shopper before he/she makes payments.

  • Privacy policy
  • Delivery / Shipment policy
  • Refund / Return policy

Step 3 : Currencies & payment methods

  • Add information about currencies and supported payment methods on your website
  • All currencies and payment methods that were listed on our application form must be indicated.

Step 4 : Payment logos

  • Place the logos of card payments on the home page , so that your customers know which payment methods accepted before making a purchase.

Step 5 : Your company details

Display the following details about your company , most common on contact page .

  • Registration name , office address, registration address , contact email / phone

That’s all , your website is now ready to accept customers payments.