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How do I activate 3-D Secure on my account?

In order to activate 3-D Secure on your account, you will first need to ensure that your merchant details are loaded in the Visa and MasterCard Directories. Please contact us regarding this.

Are commercial cards covered by 3-D Secure?

Commercial cards are covered by the Verified by Visa scheme, however, as of June 2009, MasterCard has reinstated an exclusion of commercial cards from the global inter-regional merchant-only MasterCard SecureCode liability shift program. However, in all cases regarding questions on liability shifts, we recommend that you speak to your acquirer.

What is the liability shift for 3-D Secure?

GMSolutions believes the liability shift to be as follows:

I am seeing “TEST” when processing payments.

Either you are still utilizing the test only account, or you have not yet requested your account to be switched into live mode. First, check the site reference you are sending to our system in your order page and change it to the right account if necessary; otherwise contact us to request we switch your account into live mode.

Why is no money being paid into my bank account? I put my website “Live” a week ago.

Have you requested GMSolutions switch your account into live mode? You will need to email us with your site URLs and request that we switch the account live.

Can I accept Multiple Currencies on my site?

Yes ,you can, but you will need to contact us to set up any additional currencies.

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Which shopping carts can I use with us?

Our payment products have been successfully integrated with a number of shopping carts and can be configured to work with our payment system.

What is 3-D Secure?

3-D Secure is like a chip and PIN for online purchases designed to protect the consumer and merchant by asking for a secret password and a personal message during the transaction process. Developed by Visa (Verified by Visa) and MasterCard (SecureCode) and used by most retailers, it has rapidly become a widely accepted standard.

Is 3-D Secure mandatory?

From July 2008 MasterCard and Visa mandated SecureCode/VBV (3-D Secure), preventing merchants from accepting Maestro (formerly Switch) payments online legitimately after this time. Without 3-D Secure merchants will be breaking card scheme rules and could be liable to pay heavy fines.



Brand Enrolled Status Liability
Visa U   Merchant*
Visa N   Card Issuer**
Visa Y Y Card Issuer**
Visa Y N Merchant***
Visa Y A Card Issuer**
Visa Y U Merchant
MasterCard U   Card Issuer**
MasterCard N   Card Issuer**
MasterCard Y Y Card Issuer**
MasterCard Y N Merchant***
MasterCard Y A Card Issuer**
MasterCard Y U Card Issuer**

* Important Note: If the brand is Visa and enrolled or status is returned as a “U” (Unknown), it means that the merchant is not covered by the 3-D Secure scheme. In this case the merchant is still liable for any fraudulent transactions.
** Important Note: There are some cases where the liability is not covered by the card issuer; for example some commercial cards under both brands. For more information please contact your acquirer.
*** Important Note: In this case it is strongly recommended that the transaction does not proceed. This means the password entered did not match.

This is a high level overview of the liability shift. Please bear in mind we facilitate the process; we do not create or enforce the rules. If you are unsure of any transaction status that you may see, we would recommend that you contact your acquirer.