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No minimum costs, no lock-in contracts, no hidden fees. With GMSolutions, you only pay for successful transactions.


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Volume pricing

Volume pricing available for enterprises that process over 2,500 transactions or more than €50.000 monthly


Partner with GMSolutions so your customers can start receiving and collecting payments effortlessly.

Credit Card

Quickly integrate all major payment methods using one of our free plugins, or build your own payment product with our robust yet simple API.


European Union consumer cards
from 1.8% + €0.25
Commercial & non-EU cards
from 2.8% + €0.25

European Union consumer cards
from 1.8% + €0.25
Commercial & non-EU cards
from 2.8% + €0.25

American Express

from 2.8% + €0.25

from 2.8% + €0.25



Quickly integrate all major payment methods using one of our free plugins, or build your own payment product with our robust yet simple API.


SOFORT Banking

from 0.9% + €0.25


from €0.25


from 15%


€0.20 + PayPal


The Netherlands
from €0.3


from 1.5%+ €0.25


from 1.5% + €0.25

Cartes Bancaires

from 1.8% + €0.25


from 1.8%+ €0.25


from €0.39

KBC/CBC Payment Button

from 0.9% + €0.25

ING Home’Pay

from 0.9% + €0.25

Belfius Pay Button

from 0.9% + €0.25

Gift cards

The Netherlands
from €0.25 + Brand


from 2.2% + €0.25

Apple Pay

Rate defined by card used

Klarna : Pay later

Austria from 2.99% + €0.35
Finland from 2.79% + €0.59
Germany from 2.99% + €0.35
Netherlands from 2.99% + €1.00

Klarna : Slice it

Finland €0.59 + 0.99%
Germany 2.99%
Austria 2.99%



The most trusted gateway to virtual currencies since 2014

Signup Virtual Account

We enable businesses and individuals to adopt financial innovation.

We offer a variety of two-way virtual currency services tailored to businesses and customers of different sizes and needs.


Allows merchants, retail stores, webshops and PSP’s to accept 10+
virtual currencies as payments for goods and services.


eWallets and card issuers can offer their customers to fund their account using virtual currencies. The eWallet or card issuer is credited and settled in their preferred local fiat.


Withdrawals offers Forex, Betting Sites, and other business that hold client
accounts, to let their clients make withdrawals in Bitcoin directly to end-users wallet.

Trade Widget

White label Trading Site is an out of the box service, that lets coin issuers,
crypto websites, wallets and more create a customizable trading solution for their
users. Design, payment options, and virtual currencies available are configurable. Can be implemented on any website or wallet within days.

inWallet Buy/Sell

Helping wallet providers give their clients access to buy and sell crypto currencies. API access enables partners to design own solution for trading virtual currencies on web or via mobile solutions. GMS supplies opt-in building blocks in the form of hosted payments window and optional KYC solutions.


Invoices Businesses and Professional Services can offer their clients
to make a payment in 10+ virtual currencies, while receiving payouts in local fiat.
Invoices can be sent via e-mail with a hosted payment link included for the


Prepaid Card

Custom white-label prepaid/virtual card programs. We work with banks and partners around the world, and provide a turn-key technology platform in order to deliver our clients with a true global solution.

Get your card !

Virtual cards are a catalyst for innovation and enable instant fulfilment of customer needs.

Virtual cards and wallets are at the heart of many of the leading-edge innovations that can meet specific needs of consumer and business users.

Corporate Expenses

Prepaid cards are an ideal corporate payment tool for employee expenses including everything from: fuel cards, lunch vouchers, worldwide travel expense cards in multiple currencies or any unique requirements for corporate expenses.

Global Payroll

We provide the ability for companies to globally issue prepaid Mastercard or Visa cards directly to each employee or contractor and manage their payroll through one centralized platform to make real time payments to the cards.


Offer clients an adapted product for cashing out from foreign exchange trading accounts or for receiving travel currencies and spending securely while on vacation with more than ten currencies including USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, PLN, CHF, MXN, and more…

Financial Institution Cards

Global financial institutions can now add a full card issuing capacity to their client accounts enabling their corporate and consumer clients to access their funds held with the bank in real time via the Mastercard or Visa network.

Incentive & Customer Loyalty

A prepaid card solution for companies to offer rewards to its employees, partners, or clients for great performance or repeated loyalty.

Fin Tech Platforms

We offer a fully integrated solution to any Fin tech platform in order to add a payment card and the ability to access funds over the Mastercard and Visa network.

Cross Border


Managing International Payments to and from foreign countries can be confusing. Our global network of banking relationships enables us to manage payments for our customers across most required jurisdictions.

Solving difficult payment problems one transaction at a time.

GMSolutions has expert knowledge in dealing with cross border payments providing an end to end turn key service to its customers.

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