Requirements for the website to start accepting payment online

and to satisfy the standards of international payment eco-systems and trading rules.

STEP 1 : General site requirements

  • the website is working and all it’s pages are displayed correctly
  • all the products and services on the website have detailed descriptions and specifications
  • the products and services that you sell match those you listed on your merchant application form
  • if you have certificates and licenses , publish them on the site

STEP 2 : Pages and Policies

The following policies must be clearly displayed to the shopper before he/she makes a payment

  • about us
  • privacy policy
  • shipment policy
  • return & refund policy
  • terms and conditions
  • contact us ( with contact phone , company name , address and email etc)

STEP 3: Currencies and payment methods

Add information about currencies and supported payment methods on your site.

All currencies and payment methods that were listed on your application form must be indicated.

STEP 4: Payment systems logos

Place the logos of card payment systems on the homepage , so that your customers know which payment methods are accepted before making a purchase

STEP 5 : Your company details

Display the following details about your company:

  • registration name
  • registered office address
  • place of registration
  • registered number
  • an email address
  • a contact telephone number

That’s all ! Your website is ready to accept customers payments.

Please you have any questions about our payment solutions , let us know .