Reduce fraud, increase conversion and enable customer-friendly authentication with 3DS2

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Payment authentication is changing

Authentication explained


The Revised Payment Services Directive is a European directive that creates a more open, competitive and secure payments landscape across Europe. SCA requirements are part of PSD2.


Strong Customer Authentication is strong when it has two out of three elements: something you know like a password, something you own like your phone and something you are like a fingerprint.


3D Secure 2 is the authentication solution that creates better shopper experiences while reducing fraud. Your customer gets a simple step in the payment process to allow the issuer (bank) to check whether the shopper is, who they say they are. Or in some cases, they may not need authentication due to exemptions.

Rest of the world

AusPayNet are in consultation to develop the CNP Fraud Mitigation Framework. Beyond meeting regulation mandates, upgrading to 3DS2 brings better performance and online experiences.


By 14 September, 2019, businesses will need updated authentication technology to comply with PSD2 SCA legislation.

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