Recommendations for Upcoming E-commerce Regulation in Turkey

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Issuer Action To ensure declines are handled properly, issuers in Turkey should:

• Use Decline Response Code 93—Transaction Cannot Be Completed: Violation of Law when declining an eCommerce transaction on a card that has not received consent for this type of transaction from the cardholder.

• Not use Decline Response Code 93 for any other declines. To avoid unnecessary declines, issuers in Turkey should inform their cardholders about the new regulation and obtain consent before it takes effect.

Acquirer Action

All acquirers should inform their merchants and have those merchants alert cardholders in Turkey about the new e-commerce regulation; merchants should encourage those cardholders to provide consent to their issuer.

When receiving Decline Response Code 93 for an e-commerce transaction attempted with a Turkey-issued card, all merchants should provide the following message to their customers: “Contact your card issuer to enable your card for e-commerce transactions.

When receiving all other decline response codes (with the exception of Decline Response Code 51—Insufficient Funds) for Turkey-issued card transactions, merchants should modify their general decline message to specify that the decline may be due to the new block. It is possible that not all issuers will be able to comply with the Visa decline response code recommendation.

Merchants should encourage cardholders to contact their issuer to ensure their card is enabled for e-commerce transactions when receiving any decline response codes (except for Decline Response Code 51). Source : Visa Business News Recommendations for Upcoming E-commerce Regulation in Turkey

Details in : http://broadcast01p.visabroadcasts.com/xfm/?127264/0/3927cdf85c6947ecf3e82ea665024085/lonew&lipi=urn%3Ali%3Apage%3Ad_flagship3_feed%3BRdBuedW5R9y7rbkYhTFefw%3D%3D

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