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without borders.

Banking and payment solutions from trusted sources.

We work closely with every our client, helping them to navigate the ever-changing landscape of international finance.

We provide the payment intelligence and technology businesses need to succeed locally and globally, through one integration — propelling them further, faster.


What we do

We’ve connected to a number of leading financial institutions and global payment providers, delivering cutting-edge fintech solutions to meet your business needs.

Global Card Payments

Accept global card payments & localized payment methods your customers actually want to use.

API and plugins

Full product automation for speed, accuracy and security

Pay by link

Create a simple payment link . Send payment requests, get paid fast!


Alipay provides seamless payment collection and a convenient customer experience.

Digital Wallet

Deposit, spend and transfer your money all in one place. Your digital wallet is here with our tailor solution!( Personal & Business ).

Crypto Payments

Access the future of payments.
Accept and settle in crypto. Worldwide.


Create any payment plan that fits your business, so you can collect your recurring payments.

WeChat Pay

WeChat has more than 1 billion active users. This large number of users brings unlimited possibilities.


Payments and Banking …


Start growing your business with effortless payments today!

Disclaimer: Account opening refers to introducing you as a client with the best routin to our financial partners. We don’t hold a license but is an intermediary which works with banks and financial institutions globally which hold the necessary licenses and provide the regulated financial services. The opening of the account is at the sole discretion of our partners. We neither provide the services ourselves nor can we influence the account opening process.