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Complete e-Commerce solution, 1-click checkouts, dynamic 3D Secure, reporting tools, and more..

Local payments

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Payment Gateway

Complete eCommerce solution including mobile-friendly payments, 1-click checkouts, dynamic 3D Secure, reporting tools, and so on..

Online Acquiring

While we’re working with licensed acquirers , we able to offer you merchant accounts and card acquiring services.


Original Credit Transfer (OCT) solution allows you to send funds to billions of eligible Visa, Mastercard or Maestro cards worldwide.


Virtual POS (vPOS) is a user-friendly MOTO tool that allows you to process card transactions using a Virtual Terminal.

Our payment products are suitable for businesses of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises.

Corporate bank accounts

We can assist with the opening of corporate bank accounts to which all your payments can be directed. Through our long-standing partnership with several Hong Kong banks, we can help clients open an account within 12 working days after the full KYC package provided.  This is available for both HK and non-HK entities.

Risk & Fraud Prevention

Card-not-present(CNP) fraud is the most form of debit and credit card fraud worldwide.  Our risk management system is able to help prevent or reduce the risk of accepting payments .


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User-friendly documentation and plug-ins.

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Multi-currencies card processing allows payment from customer’s local currencies, with settlements in USD, EUR , GBP, HKD , JPY and so on.



Manage your Chargebacks when you’re accepting customer’s payment via Credit Cards

What is a chargeback? A Chargeback provide protection to consumers for numerous reasons . At the start of a chargeback, the customer requests the amount…

Visa and MasterCard roll out changes to Fraud and Chargeback Programs

What’s changing from MasterCard ? The Excessive Chargeback Program (ECP) has been updated. The ECP monitors merchant IDs (MIDs) that experience an excessive number of…

Recommendations for Upcoming E-commerce Regulation in Turkey

Issuer Action To ensure declines are handled properly, issuers in Turkey should: • Use Decline Response Code 93—Transaction Cannot Be Completed: Violation of Law when…

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